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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Make it a December to Remember

Hi everyone! I did a random act of kindness this wkend and it felt good. Try it! There was a dirty, obviously homeless man by a CVS in the Keys and he wasn't begging, just sitting off to the side of the building. They had $5 Tshirts in CVS and I had seen his was filthy. I walked out with a new Tshirt and just said "Here you go." He looked up with a smile and simply said, "Thank you." But his smile was genuine. Now some would say, "he'll sell the t-shirt for a couple bucks and buy cigarettes, or trade it for a drink" - if that happens, so be it. I still felt good buying a shirt for a stranger.

In Publix last night, I let an old woman go ahead of me even though she had a few more items than I did. She just looked sad and I wanted to do something nice for her. She thanked me 3 times.

Now I'm no saint and I'm not writing this for it to be about me. I'm writing this because it was a REALLY good feeling and I'm suggesting you try it. Not just now at the holidays, but do something like this once a week, or once a month. I think donating to charities is great, but we do that and then we tend to feel like "I've done my bit." We feel kind, and charitable because we attend fundraisers or support causes. But is donating $15 to our friend who is doing a 5K Walk really that charitable? I mean, it's our friend. We get reward from that friendship. Random acts of kindness may not get a reward -- beyond your own good feeling that you've done something totally selfless.

It's easy to think of self. It is challenging and hard to be selfless. But in striving to do so, we ourselves DO reap the benefits. We are better people, with better character, and greater self worth because of our empathy and generosity.  Somewhere once, I read something like this:  "Make each decision based on one criteria: what would most benefit or help others? And it will always be the right decision."  For my New Year's resolution, I am going to try and apply this. In conflicts, in situations, choose the answer that is best for all, not that is best for you. And ultimately, it WILL be best for you.  Pretty cool how that works, huh?
'Til next time, and with contentment in my heart....

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