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Monday, September 23, 2013


Yes, social media and other technologies have lead to new ways of marketing. Sure you can now blast text messages to prospects or post something on Pinterest. BUT -- traditional marketing still works, and any good marketing effort has to include the complete mix of promotional activity.

Marketing is a pie, and one piece is direct mail/ targeted mailings, another piece is networking -- attending and holding events. Another piece is utilizing press releases and blog articles for awareness, still another is collateral materials and handouts, emails and enewsletters -- and the pie would not be complete without social media, of course.

Nearly every time someone tells me their marketing efforts haven't worked, it's because they didn't consider all the pieces, and the need for continuous, COHESIVE marketing efforts that cover all media and all audiences. There is no single promotional activity that will bring you a bunch of new customers. JUST mailing a postcard, or JUST attending a networking event, or JUST posting something on Facebook won't sell that special offer you created. BUT doing all 3 during a one-week period - now that will get the ball rolling!

Consistency is key. But so is being comprehensive in your promotional efforts.

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