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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My First Blog! Happy to be alive!

Hi! Thanks for being here~! As I set up my blog, my initial thought was "What should be the topic of my first blog—what is most important for me to relay?"  I wasn't sure. Then as this box popped up for me to begin writing, it came to me.  Write a message of thanks. Share your gratitude for your business, your friends and supporters, your followers (my Peeps :),  for the Internet and the means to communicate so freely and easily… something countless others do not have.

We all take our modern conveniences for granted, at least most of the time. Imagine a day when you could not text or e-mail anyone—when to share a photo you had to order extra prints and mail them.!! When the glove box in your car was used to store gloves because cars did not have heat. We've come a long way. Technology amazes me—especially because I have a colorful, creative type of mind and no grasp of how high-tech things work.

My first job after graduating college was with a public relations agency as a writer. From there I became a writer and proofreader at an advertising agency. At these jobs, there were no computers. Now I sit every day for 8 to 10 hours a day working on my Mac and thinking "What would I do if I couldn't use the computer?"  I absolutely love my computer and my iphone.  I'm Linus --  my phone is the blanket. !

I feel appreciative—nearly every day—for the resources and wealth of tools and accessories that I have for both my business and my daily life.   As my sister who travels to Third World countries and volunteers aid to the needy tells me—"Your worst day is still better than their best day. A day that you are busy and don't get to eat and feel hunger pangs—you still don't feel as hungry as they feel".
When your computer is down or your car breaks or your back aches, you think you have it bad.  But you are still 100 times better off than the people she sees.  I must remember this, and I share it with you not to preach at you, but to put the contentment in your heart --  to put the gratitude into your day --  so that the stresses of your life are put into perspective.

I will write my blog posts with gratitude in my heart for every one of my readers and for every success in my business. And I will even be thankful when I don't get that project or pick up that new client— because I know at the end of the night I have a soft comfy bed to sleep in and a refrigerator full of food, and tomorrow—my phone will ring with some other opportunity.  I look forward to helping people with this blog by sharing good information.

I'll start by offering a free guide to South Florida. If you are looking for sincere recommendations and reviews for restaurants, bars, and hotels—my JustAskPriscilla.com website provides that for you. Rather than do an Internet search and see reviews, testimonials and posts that are based on advertising and have been paid for, you can view my website and know that information there is from my head and my heart and is provided for no purpose other than to give you good advice. Until next time…

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