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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Fever in Florida?

It took a long time to feel the change of seasons here. But today I woke up, went outside, and felt that 'spring day' feeling I used to get when I lived up north. Coolness in the air but sun shining bright, a sense that you want to go do something/be outdoors rather than work. It's a neat feeling and I guess if you lived in S. Fla your whole life -- you wouldn't have ever felt it.

I also get a feeling that is distinctly "fall" and noticed myself feeling that this past Sept/October. Crispness in the air, leaves rustling on the breeze, a craving to watch football or take a walk. I do love the change of seasons and it's probably the thing I miss most about not living in PA or MD.
BUT -- would I want to scrape ice off my windshield again or worry about having weight in the back of my car so I don't slide off the road?! Heck, NO!

I feel very happy that now, after all this time in Florida, I DO feel the seasons. It's a subtle change but I'm outside a lot, and I sense it. And it is good.
Enjoy the season you are in, wherever you are!

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