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Friday, April 22, 2011

So many events, so little time

I don't just love creating events  -- planning them, hosting them, promoting them. I like ATTENDING events, too. I go to at least one event a week but usually 2, in addition to my own events. Is it me or are there more events in 2011 than any year past? I get an invitation a day!

Of course, when you are an event planner and you attend other events, you can't help but critique them. And I have to admit, very few events measure up, in my book. I always find things that should have been done, could have been handled better, details that would have enhanced the event or given people a better experience. I see things others don't see and notice things average event-goers don't notice. Sometimes I envy them their innocence. Ahhh.h-h-h..to attend an event and not CARE that the bartenders aren't smiling, and not NOTICE that the banner is in an unlit spot and can't be easily read... Sigh... but it's who I am and I'll always notice the little things. Those small details, planned and executed properly, are actually what makes the difference between a pretty good event and a great event. I DO sweat the small stuff, and I like to!
:)  Until next time...
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